Time to Rethink How Local Government Run

Editor, News-Register:

Have you ever thought, when you lived in a city and paid county taxes, what benefits are you getting? Granted, a large portion goes for the education of children, but a great amount of your dollars are used out into the county from which you live. Cities in the county are there to fend for themselves with very little money supplied to them from their county.

Times have changed from the past, when employment was high, income was rising and the future was bright. Families saw a very productive outcome in their areas and were excited about their family future. Things over the past 50 years have steadily declined for small cities; income, population, employment etc.

Is your small town financially being strapped by pensions, insurances and hard to find and keep good employees? Should local municipalities be paying twice for the same services, such as public safety? Cities throughout our area should be addressing these issues. Local governments cannot continue to run their cities financially, when the area has become more of a senior community, less young people, and limited high paying jobs.

The legislature is now discussing a program that can benefit small cities coming together in a way that could benefit their financial bottom line to help them grow their municipality, called Metro Government. This is a consolidation of a city-county that has been merged into one unified jurisdiction. As such it is simultaneously a city, which is a municipal corporation, and a county, which is an administrative division of the state. It has the powers and responsibilities of both types of entities.

While our small cities’ administrations continue to struggle to pay employees higher wages, pensions and insurances that many local county governments are able to do, this form of creative government could help all citizens’ way of life. Pushing this form of legislation to your legislature could and should make life better for all.

Philip K. Remke