Trump’s Shortcomings, Hypocrisy Are Cited

I continue to find it quite ironic and most hypocritical that President Trump continues to malign the legitimate media who has the “audacity” to hold him accountable to the American people for his words and actions, when the lion’s share of his notoriety and celebrity over the years is primarily due to this same media he now regularly demonizes.

During the presidential campaign of 2016, the national media was without question more than generous with their coverage of then-candidate Trump, who was granted more “air time” than were all of his Republican competitors combined and also his coverage significantly overshadowed that of his Democratic opponent in the election, Hillary Clinton, whose candidacy was indeed historic, being the first female candidate to represent a major political party in a presidential general election, treating Mr. Trump essentially throughout as a favored “celebrity” candidate.

President Trump is seldom, if ever, held accountable for a multitude of outrageous statements and behavior, including his long held unsubstantiated false claim that President Obama was not a citizen of our great nation, stating that if he, Obama, would produce his long-form birth certificate that he, Trump, would donate $5 million, later increased to $50 million to charity and that he, Trump, would then release his income tax return forms for public scrutiny, which has of yet and undoubtedly will never happen, although President Obama did comply.

Trump also claimed that he had “agents” who had investigated the Obama citizenship issue and had uncovered “troubling information.” However, not surprisingly these, “agents,” who most assuredly did not exist, were never identified for questioning, nor was any “corroborating evidence,” which never existed, ever produced.

As president, Trump and his sycophantic surrogates continue to “wage a war of deception and distraction” on respected federal institutions such as the FBI and Department of Justice, including highly respected special investigator Robert Mueller, whose party affiliation is Republican, as are the heads of the aforementioned entities, as well as the majority of respective department personnel.

Trying to hide something? Also, was it not candidate Trump who derided his political opponents during the 2016 presidential election for accepting campaign contributions from individual donors and such entities, stating that such was the essence of corruption and that his campaign would be self-funded?

However, all of that abruptly changed during the campaign and Mr. Trump encouraged, and eagerly accepted, massive funds to aid his campaign and continues to conduct a multitude of fundraisers for future campaigns with no explanation given for his dramatic strategic and philosophic reversal.

Trump’s basic lack of knowledge and understanding of the role of the president, and apparent lack of willingness to become better informed respective to government and international affairs, has created an aura of uncertainty in which our nation’s unquestioned world leadership may now be questioned.

Is it not now more evident that experience and knowledge are critical to the ultimate success of any complex entity, which President Trump obviously lacks, but used to his advantage during his campaign for president, proclaiming himself to be primarily a “Washington, D.C. and government outsider?”

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry