City of Wheeling Spending Too Much

Editor, News-Register:

We have a city of approximately 28,500 souls. Those 28,500 souls have, as a result of this new city council, been required to pay taxes to support a new position “police liaison” which probably costs in the neighborhood of $40,000-plus. They most recently created a new position, not sure of the exact title, but it has something to do with crime statistics, perhaps another $40,000-plus.

They’ve wasted taxpayer money to provide new “back boards” at the ice rink for the Nailer games, in excess of $250,000-plus. I don’t see the return for the investment. Could the old boards been refurbished and a savings realized? If not, let the Nailers go out and solicit donations from the private sector.

Now they want to increase the salaries for mayor and council persons substantially, again reaching into the taxpayers’ pocket. I thought those positions were community service positions that people would aspire to with no thought of financial reward. Look at the federal government, where we now have “professional” politicians and tell me that’s the way to go. I think people should be running for office to serve their city and fellow citizens “pro bono.”

And the “icing on the cake,” the mayor and his sidekick are now proposing the expenditure of, in their words, $15 million for a new “public safety” building. That, along with a proposed new parking garage across the street from the old Wheeling Pitt Steel building. One only can guess how many millions of dollars that will encumber. Really?

We aren’t New York City, San Francisco, or even Pittsburgh.

Hope springs eternal!

J. Jacobs



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