Educators Striking For the Wrong Reasons

Editor, News-Register:

First let me say I agree the teachers should get a fair raise.

What you are striking for is ridiculous. Who, in today’s world gets free insurance? Most everyone has to pay a portion of their insurance, plus pay deductibles. There are a lot of people out there who would like to make $46,000 a year for nine months’ work. Equating that into dollars/hour equals $32 per hour.

You owe on student loans; your choice. When you graduate, you will probably purchase a vehicle worth that much, and not say a word. The costs of living in Ohio and Pennsylvania are higher than West Virginia, so they make more.

Strike for the ability to discipline in schools, strike to get kids off drugs (legal and illegal), strike to be able to better educate the kids. Get West Virginia off the bottom of the barrel in education, the money will come, and the people will back you.

John Michaels

Belmont, Ohio


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