Finding the Solution To Substance Abuse

Editor, News-Register:

For some time, I’ve been on a quest to understand and determine a possible solution to the opioid dilemma that plagues our country. I’ve heard a lot of opinions and talk, but no solution(s). I have come to the conclusion that it will take a generation or generations, and that it will happen only if the mindset of a majority changes. The change that needs to happen is we must get away from the pill for everything mindset. It’s a well known fact that most of the opiod addicts began their quest by watching their parents or grandparents taking their “medicine,” then following their example.

Many churches have stepped up with prayer and programs to try to help. and I certainly believe that Jesus is the answer for every human weakness, but the problem is, most churches are full of weak pill popping addicts. I regret to say that I’ve watched people share their pills across the pews and think nothing about it.

Yes, of course, I’m sure most could hold up the bottle with their doctor’s name on it and boast legal, legal, but it’s still a bondage or addiction. I believe God wants us to be dependent on Him, not a chemical substance. And when we are trying to offer a heroin addict help, we need to be in a position of having our own weaknesses mastered. Otherwise, we have nothing to offer. Also, God wants us to worship Him in spirit and truth. We can’t expect power from on high to help anyone when we can’t even deal with our own issues.

For years, law enforcement has been the answer and all that did was give people arrest records that made it hard to get a job, further driving the addict into despair and potentially back to drugs, not to mention exposing them to an abusive criminal atmosphere of jail. Now, I’m hearing that we’re going to throw money into education. They’ve educated about tobacco for years and look how many young people have picked up that habit. Judging that outcome, I don’t have a lot of confidence in education.

I feel we would be much better served if we would all begin to realize that a power greater than ourselves is all we need and throw the “junk” in the trash. Then, we can begin the process of changing the thinking and direction of our children and the future generations.

Jim Barnhart

Sardis, Ohio