There Never Really Was a School Strike

Editor, News-Register:

When you play poker, you have to ante up. An ante is a stake in the action; it’s skin in the game. That’s something state school employees never had in the recently settled work stoppage. They literally never had anything at risk. At even the first unfounded rumor of an injunction, teachers statewide had no problem slandering good people. It’s not a criticism; it’s just a fact. There was never a strike, just school cancellations supported by a bloated educational complex in West Virginia that has been mired in mediocrity for decades when it comes to nationwide academic achievement.

It was the rest of us who anted up and risked something. Local businesses risked productivity. Parents risked lost work time and had to deal with the issues that arise when kids are out of school unexpectedly for thirteen days. Students, especially high school students, risked lost instructional days which really can’t be made up and could be detrimental to certain academic endeavors. Again, it’s not a criticism, just a fact.

The community bore the losses of the work stoppage whether it was supportive or not. The private sector was never given a choice in the matter. Not a criticism, just a fact. Hopefully, education employees statewide can respect or at least realize this fact. Everyone had to support the work stoppage in one way or another.

David Delk



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