Think About What You’re Seeing at Rodeo

Editor, News-Register:

Rodeo fans, when the “tie-down roping” (aka calf roping) event starts, please take a moment to consider this: What must it be like for a baby animal — a 2- or 3-month- old calf — to come bolting out of the chute at speeds of 25 mph only to be wrenched by a rope around the neck and brought to a strangling halt. Then, the “cowboy” slams the calf to the ground, ties its legs and immobilizes it.

Often calves are flung to the ground twice. What kind of fear, stress and pain would this cause the calf? Calves crying out or defecating during the “event” should give us a very good idea. And that’s just at the rodeo, which does not include countless practice sessions in preparation for the “event.” How can this be called entertainment? Please take a moment to think about what you are really seeing.

Greg Reynolds