Using Money Wisely

Editor, News-Register:

What is more important to Wheeling, cleaning the streets of summer dust or winter snow and ice?

I would again suggest that the street cleaners that you routinely support are not worth the expense and trouble of using and maintaining. Looks like you need backhoes?

In addition, with all the bad infrastructure existing in Wheeling, you name it, you are planning on spending lots of big money on pretty stuff, i.e. the waterfront, to name just one on the board. And yet you want the little guy to pay for your sewage problems while you forge ahead with grandiose plans. Dave Palmer told me that the PSC will dictate sewage increases for the user; however it is up to council to recommend how much of an increase. Why not Community Development funds; this project affects the health and welfare of the public? This sewage issue is probably only one of more to come as you plan to spend on “favorite projects.”

Of course, you should plan to better Wheeling for now and the future but select your objectives carefully and affordably for return on investments.

As I write this, I realize that I know nothing about the amount of money you have to use in making Wheeling bigger and better, but as I have said, please use the money wisely today; you may need it tomorrow. There could be fewer of us little guys to charge things back to.

Robert Hamilton



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