Washington Avenue Demolition Criticized

Editor, News-Register:

Many Wheeling residents resided in the Washington Avenue area their entire lives. This is our home. The mere foundation of our homes is being threatened by Wheeling Jesuit University.

Major destruction of a handful of historical (Bill Lias) is planned, And the best homes in this area, owned by Wheeling Jesuit University are to be demolished. The failed fiasco and unsightly Washington Avenue complex wasn’t enough for WJU. Several of the homes pending demolition were recently occupied by faculty. Old Bill Lias’s home would be a fortune to replace. The homes could be a source of income for WJU, had management skills been implemented.

Wheeling Jesuit, if you are strapped for cash, how do you afford the demolition? I ask the City of Wheeling to inspect the WJU dorms on campus for meeting city codes or should these be razed, due to being inhabitable? Will the Oakmont property owned by the diocese be next for demolition?

Wonderful bright open facilities for learning have been established in downtown Wheeling, excluding WJU. WJU, you have missed the boat again. Too late for some to learn to love thy neighbor.

Sarita Dofka