Council, Mayor Should Receive Raise in Pay

Editor, News-Register

Is there any doubt that our mayor and City Council members are deserving of a pay increase? The point has been made that the last pay raise occurred in 1992. Also, if the voters approve of the recommended increase, it will not be realized by the current council members unless they are re-elected in 2020. This city charter amendment is not being placed on the ballot for the benefit of the members now in office but for members to be elected in the future. One of the reasons for the proposed increase is to make the council positions more attractive to citizens who otherwise may not entertain the idea of serving on the council.

County commissioners in the State of West Virginia are paid in excess of $30,000 per year and are the recipients of health benefits.

Isn’t it time that we recognize and support the men and women that give up valuable time to represent us on city council? I will be shocked and terribly disappointed if this amendment is not passed.

Tom Dailer



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