Don’t Let Our Area Be a Pigsty of Litter

Editor, News-Register

Before you read any further, I do not believe all residents of Ohio and Marshall Counties are pigs; only the people that litter are of the swine family. We have a lot of pigs who live in and drive through these counties.

I believe these pigs don’t care about the environment, our local wildlife, and young children. One day as I was driving my young grandson in the car, I mentioned all the litter that was along the ground and roadside. His response was terribly sad. He said he, “thought it was supposed to be there.”

If you ride bikes on the trail in Wheeling, by Goosetown, the whole hillside is full of garbage. Maybe we need more refuse cans along the Heritage Trail. If you are driving up Big Wheeling Creek Road, there is litter everywhere. If you drive to Cameron along Route 88 and Route 250 there is so much rubbish on both sides of the road it resembles a garbage dump. It would be dangerous to pick up litter on the aforementioned roadways, but the lazy litter pigs don’t care.

I assume you are thinking about the person writing this letter and complaining about the lack of care for our local environment. You are probably asking yourself, “Why doesn’t he go outside and pick up the litter if it bothers him so much?” I DO; along with my wife, daughter, and nephew. We have picked up bags upon bags of litter, but we just can’t keep up with the lazy degenerates tossing their trash aside.

We owe thanks to the gentleman in Elm Grove who, on his everyday walk, picks up litter. Thank you to a retired teacher. She picks up litter along Washington Avenue. Special thanks to the Department of Corrections, which has the prisoners pick up garbage along 1-70; even in a hard rain. I would like to see the Department of Corrections expand their radius to other parts of our area in Ohio and Marshall Counties. We need their help to keep up with the pigsty we call home.

Knowing it is not OK to litter has to start early. I hope teachers explain to their young students when they see their parents, older brothers and sisters throw litter out of the car, that this is bad for the environment and against the law. In addition to enforcing the seatbelt and no texting laws, law enforcement should also utilize their unmarked vehicles for punishing these litter pigs with a $500 fine or a sentencing of 25 community service hours picking up the garbage and cigarette butts their litter pig friends nonchalantly threw out their car windows.

If you want to get really depressed, take a ride on 1-70 from West Alexander to Washington, Pa. They have as many pigs as we do.

Remember, you become what you surround yourself with. Keep your environment clean and your state of mind becomes happier. As a community we need to pay more attention to our local environment and find solutions to this ugly problem destroying the beauty of our area.

Gary Hamilton



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