Miners’ Union Right To Support Manchin

Editor, News-Register:

I’m in total agreement with the United Mine Workers’ decision to back Senator Joe Manchin for re-election. Manchin has kept his word to fight for coal miners. No one in West Virginia has done more for miners than Manchin.

Our senator preserved health care benefits for miners, and now he is on track to protect the pensions coal miners were promised. Manchin deeply understands how important it is to have a secure retirement. We can trust Manchin to protect Social Security and access to Medicare for seniors.

Joe Manchin has proven that he will run through a brick wall for working people. He walks the walk. I’ll be voting for Manchin this year because he never forgets who is working for: the people of West Virginia.

We are seeing all of the political ads of GOP candidates saying they support coal, but none of them have the seal of approval from the UMWA, which represents coal miners and their families.

Mike Veronis