Second Amendment Is Irrelevant Now

Editor, News-Register:

This letter is in regard to the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. This Amendment is irrelevant to the 21st Century. Conditions in the 18th Century, when the amendment was written, were totally different than the conditions we face today. It was meant for a frontier society, where people were called on by their local communities and the state to join the militia when needed. Today that militia is the National Guard, composed of volunteers, people from the local community who are well-trained and well-armed.

The NRA motto is that guns do not kill people, people kill people. If that’s true, then why do we spend billions of dollars to arm our troops with weapons, if guns don’t kill the enemy? We will always have crazy, angry people in this country, just like in any other country. The only reason we have these mass killings is that we are awash in military-grade weapons that can be obtained very easily. These weapons are deliberately designed to kill as many of the enemy as quickly as possible, because in a combat situation, you must be able to do that. Civilians have no reason whatsoever to own such a weapon.

The NRA credo is that we must be armed with military weapons in order to protect ourselves against our democratically-elected government. This is an anti-democratic philosophy. It is a form of sedition, purposely meant to stir up suspicion against our democratic institutions.

Sadly, we have elected many members of Congress who are pawns of the NRA, whose sole purpose is to undermine the government. In a democracy, if you undermine the government, you are going against the people who elected it.

I am not against having a weapon to protect yourself against an intruder into your home. The Supreme Court has ruled that having a weapon in the home is a protected right. It has never ruled that having an assault weapon is a protected Second Amendment right and other states have laws banning such weapons and high capacity magazines.

What voters should do is look up their representative’s position on guns. If he or she is endorsed by the NRA or other organizations that support the wholesale distribution of assault weapons to our society, vote against them. If we don’t change these laws, and get rid of these guns, our schools will be bastions surrounded by barbed wire and sandbags, not educational institutions. And it will be because we the people failed to defend our democracy.

Alfred Tellitocci