Spend Money More Wisely

Editor, News-Register:

Ten thousand dollars. That’s up to how much Ohio County Schools has committed to paying a “diversity training firm” to address a non-issue, to pretend to examine what will be claimed to be a systemic problem which is actually a personal problem involving a couple of tiny factions. $10,000 is the starting price (oh there’s more to come) to placate local liberal special interest groups. OCS has well in excess of 500 advanced degrees among its employees with extreme expertise in dealing with children, but this overwhelming amount of education and training apparently is insufficient to address a conflict among students.

OCS has dozens of organizations and booster groups which work extremely hard every year to raise many for projects, music, arts, athletics, etc. Raising $10,000 is no easy task for anyone. How many classrooms would better benefit from this $10,000? All branches of government are charged with expending public funds responsibly. This first expenditure for feel-good diversity advice is not a wise use of taxpayer money and is disappointing in light of the real needs in our schools.

David Delk