McKinley Praised For Supporting Research

Editor, News-Register:

When a member of Congress does a standout job for their constituents, it’s important that they be recognized. This is the case with Rep. David McKinley and his work to ensure that the bill to fund the government that passed Congress in March included a major increase in funding for medical research through the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Research funded by NIH improves health, saves lives and offers hope to patients and families affected by disease.

Medical research funded by the NIH touches the citizens of West Virginia in another way, contributing to jobs and economic growth. According to an analysis by United for Medical Research, NIH-funded research supported 617 jobs and $92.3 million in economic activity in economic activity in West Virginia in 2017, proving that support for the NIH is not just good for our health, but good for our economic wellbeing, too.

We hope that all West Virginians will join us in thanking Rep. McKinley for supporting increased funding for medical research. He knows that there is no better return on investment than research that improves health, saves lives and supports our economy.

Alex Currie, president

Sue Nelson, treasurer

Chol Pak, secretary

United for Medical Research

(UMR is a coalition of leading scientific research institutions, patient and health advocates and members of the life sciences industry that seeks steady increases in funding for the National Institutes of Health.)


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