Supporting GOP Candidates in Election

Editor, News-Register:

It appears the raising of the gas tax and Department of Motor Vehicles fees is shaping up to be a point of contention in the upcoming general election. Because it was a bipartisan initiative, it’s difficult to see how it can be used by either party against the other.

Agree or disagree, it was a key initiative of then-Democrat Gov. Justice and the legislature came together in an entirely bipartisan way to advance the initiative. As such, there are only a few incumbents from either party who didn’t support the increases.

As a result, voters upset by the increases will have to evaluate incumbents on an individual basis (rather than party affiliation) to decide whether they are worthy of being returned to office. Though I did not support the increases, my vote in November will not be determined by this single issue. Overall, I think the body of accomplishments the Republican Party has delivered in its short time in control of government more than warrants a return of Republican candidates to the Capitol.

Besides, there’s certainly no reason to think replacing them with Democrat candidates will result in lower taxes. I still don’t like the tax and fee increases but I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll never have every policy decision go the way I’d like. Realistically, I’m better off sticking with the candidates who I believe are more likely to get it right. For me, that’ll be Republican candidates in November.

Ben Hanlan