Battling the Drug Crisis One Person at a Time

Editor, News-Register:

There has been a lot of news about the opioid crisis. A certain number per 1,000 people overdose and die. We West Virginian’s talk about it with an odd sense, by me, that we almost seem proud to be No. 1 in something, anyhow,

I am a VISTA. Through our own Council of Churches we are trying to build a movement to “address” this problem. Several volunteers like myself are strung out across our state and hopefully making good efforts to reverse the trend.

In the meantime, things are happening. “Marijuana” it’s said, “should be legalized.” “Heroin is in short supply.” “Meth is back.” “Don’t even touch fentanal.” “Nalaxone is too expensive.”

Some cities are experimenting with providing safe places for addicts to use. Wheeling has a clean needles program.

“Those people” are way too often turning out to be, and changing from faces unknown to “his daughter,” “their Uncle,” “so and so’s father” and even babies in the hospital nursery.

What are we to do? Are we to be overwhelmed? Is our destiny that the problem will definitely get worse? Can we turn our backs, cross our fingers, and pray that it will just go away?

Probably not.

The government is now supplying money. Call 1-800 and find a solution. How about Joe? He’s been clean for five years!! Twelve steps. Find God. Jesus.

We better have a long look at ourselves. We are, I think, terrified about this and a lot of other things in our communities. We aren’t communicating to the heaven knows extent that we need to be wherein we can begin to take on the demons that are out to destroy us. Or, perhaps worse, keep us stuck exactly where we are.

I’ve heard that we can do nothing better than one addict at a time. What is it? Heroin, marijuana, Oxys, booze, sex, coffee, people.

One person at a time. I’m trying to do me. Do you want to do you?

Arnie Kuhl



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