Electric Customers Ought to Get Lower Bills

Editor, News-Register:

The article about AEP wanting to raise electric rates prompted me to write this letter.

AEP’s request, I believe is ridiculous. AEP wants a rate increase because because customers are using less electricity? If the customers are using less electricity then that should mean that AEP does not have to produce as much electricity . That should mean that the company should be spending less for fuel to produce electricity.

If that is the case then the customers should get a decrease on their bills. According to the story, AEP posted earnings of $454 million for the first quarter of 2018. It seems that that AEP asks for a rate increase every year. I guess that they figure that if they ask for a ridiculous amount , the West Virginia Public Service Commission will give them a raise even if they don’t need a raise. AEP also said that they received $52 million in a federal tax reduction. I guess that means that since AEP gets to keep more money, then they can raise the customers rates without having to pay as much taxes.

I believe that the only way for customers to get a fair rate is to do away with the West Virginia Public Service Commission. If a person compares electric rates with states where electric rates are unregulated and states where the electric rates are regulated by a public service commission, the difference in rates will be clear.

It seems the West Virginia Public Service Commission is more concerned with making sure AEP and it shareholders will make a profit than protecting the customers that are on a fixed income. Customers need to call and write the West Virginia Public Commission and demand a decrease on the electric bills. Also. call your state representatives and demand that the West Virginia Public Service Commission be eliminated. Demand that electric be purchased from the cheapest source.

David Miller


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