Make Use of Your Rights As American Citizens

Editor, News-Register:

The foundation of any democracy is in the hands of its citizens. When our new nation, the United States of America, after getting rid of English rule, set up a democratic system of government, it gave its citizens the right to have a say in the running of that government, and the country.

Freedom of speech, by letting you have the right to express your opinion, i.e., what one thinks about, or one’s view on, any subject, is one way that citizens can speak their piece on issues facing the country. The forum to express one’s opinion is the opinion page of the local newspaper.

The most important right for citizens is the right to vote. By voting, you are able to elect who you want to represent you in the legislature, the Congress, and other offices. Those who you elect are responsible to the voters, to represent our interests and views and to do our will. Each politician must ask the voters for their support regularly, because the office they were elected to has a specific term, i.e., U.S. House of Representatives, two years; U.S. Senate, six years; president of the United States, four years. The way for voters to correct a problem is by voting to remove from office those who we feel are not doing their jobs. If you don’t vote, you are not keeping elected offcials honest and accountable, and aware that the citizens can and should remove them from office if they are not doing their job, and are not doing the will of the people.

The right to vote is one of the greatest rights in our democracy. If you ignore this right, and don’t get out to vote, you are responsible for any failures of our democratic system, which is a system that many countries do not have.

The major problem in our politics today is money, which corrupts everything, and 365-days-a-year campaigning, which keeps politicians from doing their jobs. Only the voters can change this, by demanding that elected officials make the reforms that are needed to solve these problems.

Alfred Tellitocci



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