Ogden Race Example Of Good News in Area

Editor, News-Register:

Having participated for a number of years in the Ogden race, I cannot express my thanks enough to the paper and sponsors and volunteers who come together and make this race possible. Their efforts can not be fully appreciated!

How many people may have started exercising as a result of this race is hard to measure. What effort and ideas each year are brought to the table to keep increasing the attendance! Unfortunately, bad news seems to get most of the headlines, but the Ogden newspapers try to balance this out not only by giving the race extraordinary print coverage but by also providing an avenue for creating positive stories in so many different ways.

Many of our children who moved from area come back for this race. Hopefully, they take a long look around at the positive changes happening in valley. It remains as a great place to live and Ogden is truly supporting these changes! Once again, thanks to all who make this race what it is.

Don Orlando

Team Hayden



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