Reenactment Backers Merit Commendation

Editor, News-Register:

A repeat of the reenactment of the famous John Brown trial of 1859, followed by a panel discussion, sponsored by the Ohio Valley Civil War Roundtable, was held in the 1859 court room at Wheeling’s Independence Hall. Unlike the original trial, Brown was found innocent (by a contemporary jury) of murder during his raid at Harpers Ferry. A hung jury was ruled on the charges of conspiracy and treason.

I would like to thank the following for their effort to make the reenactment a great success: Richard Lerach and Claude Carson, Pittsburgh attorneys; the Honorable Judge Harry White; Royal Mayo; Michael McIntyre; Heather Cline; Roger Smith; Sue White; Walt Latacz; Elizabeth Picicco; Lois Buckley; Lova Ebert; Charles Ballouz; Bob Rine; Linda Rafa; John Hepburn; Tom McFadden; Larry Freeland; Henry Winchester; Tom Buckley; Lloyd Wells;Jeanne Finstein; and Debbie Jones, curator of Independence Hall.

Roger Micker



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