Foiling a Criminal

Editor, News-Register:

A story-telling criminal thought he could turn the tables after an armed citizen foiled his attempted carjacking, but it didn’t take long for law enforcement officers to see through his charade.

In Fulton County, Ga., an armed thug blocked a woman’s car in her driveway when she was trying to take her grandson to a medical appointment. “He said, “Whose car is this? Give me the keys.” The grandmother told a reporter. Rather than complying, the woman started screaming. Fortunately, her son heard her calls for help and came out with a gun.

He fired at the bad guy multiple times, hitting him at least once. The assailant drove off to a fire station, where he spun a yarn about being the victim of an interstate shooting. The police doubted his tale and arrested him. No charges were filed against the armed citizen.

William J.J. Patsche


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