Pass St. C Bond Levy

Editor, News-Register:

The upcoming St. Clairsville school levy is proposing to build a new school complex, and many are expressing their concern or opinions that this is not necessary. I say, it is about time. I am an alumni of St .Clairsville High School, and my son is preparing to enter his freshman year. My husband and I recently went to his orientation, where we got to tour the high school building.

Now, my kids have always been students at St. C, and I have personally witnessed the issues with the elementary and middle school buildings. However, as we walked the halls of the high school, I was so depressed that this was where my son will spend his next four years. It truly broke my heart.

Upon entering the building, it was not a bright, welcoming space but rather dark. Going into the classrooms on the bottom floor, you legitimately feel like you are in a basement. There aren’t many windows in the bottom floor classrooms. My son then asked, “What’s that smell?” The smell of musty, stale air fills the building due to the lack of air conditioning and poor circulation of the air. The words dark, dismal, discouraging, and depressing kept coming to mind.

This is where my son will spend his high school years. Don’t get me wrong, I know he will get a good education, and the staff does everything they can to make it work. However, I can’t help wondering how much better an education he could get and how much more could he achieve, if he was able to have a learning environment that he was excited to go to each day. A learning environment that would lift his spirits instead of bringing them down. A space that fostered his love of learning and was evidence that his community cared about education, cared about him, and knew that he deserved the best learning environment possible.

We can only put band-aids on these buildings for so long, and in the end, it would probably cost more to keep doing so. Buildings built 50-100 years ago were not built for the needs of today’s society. They were not built to provide adequate air conditioning, adequate space for growing communities, space for students with special needs, or adequate classrooms to support the learning styles and strategies of today’s educational world. Sadly, the state is not going to help.

St. Clairsville’s situation is very unique compared to the districts surrounding us, and we would not receive the funding that surrounding districts would. Therefore, it is up to us! Our kids need us!

I want you to seriously look at what it would cost. Please don’t say it is too much until you have checked to see exactly what it would cost your family. For me, my kids are worth it, my niece and nephew are worth it, and every future Red Devil is worth it! It takes a village, or rather a city, to come together for the future. I would implore anyone planning on voting “NO” or questioning the necessity of the levy, to please visit to get accurate and up to date answers to any questions or concerns you may have, as well as attending the scheduled open houses.

As with anything in today’s society, opinions run rampant and unfortunately, with a lot of misunderstood information supporting them. So be informed with the right information. Build our schools. Build our community. Together, build STC!

Shana Miller