Discussing Immigration Policy

Editor, News-Register:

After reading a scathing letter to the editor in the Wheeling News-Register earlier this year, by a frequent contributor, who is obviously not a Trump supporter, I decided to research Stephen Miller and provide accurate information to your readers from a reliable, well-known source.

According to syndicated columnist and FOX contributor Michelle Malkin, “Stephen Miller has spent a dozen years on Capitol Hill mastering every aspect of immigration policy — border security, sanctuary cities, deportation, asylum and refugee programs, and the impact of foreign guest worker visas on wages, for starters — before taking on a senior policy advisor role for the Trump transition team and White House. He is a longtime vocal proponent of serious, comprehensive immigration enforcement reform from top to bottom.”

This contributor wrote “Where does Stephen Miller — someone no one has ever heard of — get off setting American immigration policies that are morally reprehensible and harm millions of human beings?”

In her column, Michelle Malkin cited the following: “The nation’s modern chain migration system was formally created in 1952 and expanded radially by Congress in 1965 and 1990. New immigrants can now sponsor their entire extended families: parents, spouses, adult children and their children, and siblings and their children. The unrelenting influx has undermined the federal government’s ability to properly vet new immigrants, police fraud, prioritize skilled labor and assimilate chain beneficiaries.”

The United States needs more valuable senior policy advisors as experienced as Stephen Miller to guide us in the right direction. God bless America.

Susan Patsche

St. Clairsville


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