Don’t Let Dems Win

Editor, News-Register:

A few weeks ago, President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen, who is now a Democrat, stated that this is the most important mid-term election in our lifetime. Since then that sentiment has been echoed over and over in the press; recent events demonstrate that this is undoubtedly true. Those who fail to realize this lose their chance to make a difference in the country’s direction.

Like many West Virginians, I am a Democrat who opposes much of my party’s ever-more-extreme national agenda but who likes Joe Manchin. I have always supported Joe without a second thought and would have looked the other way about his waffling on health care, Planned Parenthood or the tax cut. Yet the handling of the sexual assault allegation against Judge Kavanaugh changed all that.

The allegation — which indeed should have been seriously, immediately and confidentially investigated by the FBI, respecting Dr. Blasey Ford’s privacy and Judge Kavanaugh’s good reputation — was instead used by the Democrats as an 11th hour “political bomb” to create a tidal wave vote to carry them into power. They are favored to win the House and it’s down to the wire in the Senate. It’s bigger than Joe now.

The decisive question is no longer “who’s the better candidate, Manchin or Morrisey,” or who will do the most for West Virginia; rather it’s will there be more Republicans or more Democrats in the Senate. Nor does it matter how independent Joe’s voting record is. It comes down to simple math: The party with the most Senators controls the Senate, appoints all the committee chairs, holds the majority on each of them, sets the rules and determines whose vision for the country is being advanced or being stifled. For example, Democratic control would guarantee that for the next two years not a single federal judge nominee — or Supreme Court nominee if another vacancy opens — would make it out of committee. Nor would any Trump initiative make it to a floor vote. Some Democrats have already suggested if they control the Senate and win the presidency in 2020 that two more judges should be added to the Supreme Court to create a 6-5 liberal majority. The stakes are unbelievably high!

West Virginia has been the butt of some bad jokes, which are not true. But waking up Nov. 7, to find the liberal left celebrating the success of their “at-any-cost tactics” and laughing that pro-Trump West Virginia has given them a 51-49 control of the Senate by electing a Democrat would be the worst joke of all … because it would be true. And nothing could be done about it until 2024. I am sorry, Joe, it’s nothing personal, but that’s a risk I simply can’t take.

West Virginians, vote and take seriously all that is at stake when you do.

Julio Demasi



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