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Editor, News Register:

On behalf of the BRAVE MISS WORLD-WHEELING SCREENING Committee, we want to acknowledge and thank all our sponsors and community support.

The documentary shown at the Highlands Event Center November 4 told the story of Linor Abargil’s journey as an 18- year-old, becoming Miss Israel in 1998, then a few months later being kidnapped, stabbed and raped in Italy and then becoming Miss World before her trauma was revealed to the world. Her telling of her story and stories of other ordinary and well known victims of sexual abuse throughout the world was very impactful to those in attendance.

Having Cecilia Peck, the filmmaker of this Emmy-nominated documentary, present to discuss aspects of this film helped to underscore the message more deeply. As the daughter of Gregory Peck, Cecilia discussed her family’s advocacies of helping those who are discriminated against.

Those sponsoring the film in conjunction with The Jeweled Bird included Temple Shalom, Junior League of Wheeling, YWCA, Sexual Assault Help Center, Wheeling-Charleston Catholic Diocese, Vance Memorial Presbyterian Church, Levenson Foundation and other anonymous and generous donors. In addition, coverage by the local media was well presented and received.

Joan Berlow-Smith, Co-Chair

Samuel Posin, Co-Chair


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