U.S. Status Diminished

Editor, News-Register:

During President Trump’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly, the president, in truly Trumpian fashion, incredibly stated that his administration had already “accomplished more than almost any administration in U.S. history.”

All this, unbelievably, has been somehow achieved during his fewer than two years in office, which is ludicrous and so totally factually inaccurate that it inspired a great many in attendance at the illustrious U.N. event to burst out in loud and very audible laughter, coming from our nation’s allies as well as adversaries, which proved to be quite embarrassing, presumably to our president as well as to our great nation.

This, ironically, after the president had stated for years prior to his inauguration that the world had long been laughing at the United States, which was totally false, but unfortunately, such is no longer the case.

President Trump was characteristically bragging about his personally perceived and most often greatly exaggerated opinion regarding what he considers to be his great accomplishments, without regard for the appropriateness of the venue.

It appears that President Trump is by no means a “Yankee Doodle Dandy” as per the American patriotic anthem by the conic George M. Cohan, that with Americans you do not hear a boast or a brag because there simply is no need as our status of world leadership among the nations of the world is unchallenged and there is no need to brag of such to others.

Of course, President Trump’s audacious rhetorical style is almost always targeting him personally — with our nation as simply the grateful beneficiaries of his self-proclaimed landmark achievements.

Also during President Trump’s aforementioned address to the United Nations General Assembly, where well over 100 world leaders were in attendance, he vigorously criticized the World Trade Organization, the UN Human Rights Council, The International Criminal Court, O.P.E.C., Iran and others while lavishing praise on Kim Jong Un and the rouge nation of North Korea, while failing at the conveniently not to mention world menace Russia and their treacherous dictator Vladimir Putin.

I am quite concerned that recent rhetoric on the part of the president may quite possibly diminish our role as the undisputed leader of the free world as a result of his isolations words and actions of late and many inadvertently create a world leadership vacuum that could be eagerly filled by China, which would not bode well for us and, I fear, for the world.

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry


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