Natural Gas Can Revitalize W.Va.

To the Editor:

Our region has a unique opportunity to revitalize our manufacturing base, through utilizing affordable and abundant natural gas supplies that can create important, long-term community benefits for generations to come.

This “incredible opportunity,” as Energy Secretary Rick Perry describes it, was further reflected and outlined in a recently released report by his agency (“U.S. Department of Energy Reports Touts Need for Appalachian Ethane Storage Hub,” Dec. 10). Critical investments in infrastructure for storing and distributing natural gas liquids such as ethane will further leverage our region’s competitive advantage.

As one of the nation’s leading producers of natural gas and related liquids — focused exclusively on Appalachia — Southwestern Energy is committed to investing and responsibly producing these resources across northern West Virginia and … Pennsylvania, creating benefits for our region’s economy, especially our manufacturing sector.

We also appreciate the collaborative, pragmatic and solutions-focused leadership on making these important opportunities a reality from bipartisan leaders across the state, including Gov. Jim Justice, members of the congressional delegation as well as Senators Manchin and Capito, among others.

West Virginia’s best and brightest days are ahead. This report represents a road map for our region’s continued success.

Together, with the right policies along with a high-level of engagement from industry, government and other important stakeholders, Appalachia’s manufacturing and economic potential can be fully realized, helping to grow good-paying local jobs right here at home.

Chris Flanagan

Southwest Appalachia Area Manager, Southwestern Energy


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