Police, Fire Solution

Editor, News-Register:My View on the public safety building levy:

I couldn’t get this out of my mind; therefore here is my take. Seeing that the city of Wheeling public safety building levy did not pass in the November election, I have or suggest a partial solution.

A. The Fire Department could use more space. I suppose.

B. The Police Department definitely needs more space. I suspect.

C. Therefore, why not lease an available venue/building that is already in tip- top shape. That would be the Social Security building. It is in a great accessible location of the city. Then a sensible reasonable agreement could be reached that would not fleece the citizens of Wheeling. That seems logical to me. At this particular time, it would solve at least half the dilemma.

I am not a contractor, or an architect, or an engineer. However, I do have wisdom and common sense. As long as the police and the fire departments continue to hire employees, the issue will get worse and more complex regarding space and growth. The police department could use the above mentioned building right now. They are jam packed in the City-County building.

I’m not telling anyone what they must do. I’m just expressing my view. It is better than doing nothing. This issue really is time sensitive in my opinionated view.

Loma Nevels



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