Push for Medicare for All

Editor, News-Register:

The path forward for Medicare for All is clearing. It’s very popular among voters across the country. And we’re on track to have more representatives than ever before cosponsor the bill. We could get a vote on Medicare for All as soon as next year.

Just two years ago, Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All bill had zero cosponsors. Zero. Now we’re up to 17 Senate cosponsors. And with a Democratic majority in the House, we could see more congressional support than ever before.

That’s real progress.

With Medicare for All’s increased popularity comes some new challenges. Moderate politicians will tell their constituents they’re supporting Medicare for All while heeding the will of their pharmaceutical and insurance industry donors.

We can’t let real Medicare for All be jeopardized by corporate influence. We need to stave off special interests who want to stop or water down Medicare for All. Medicare for All must be health care for the people, not politicians who want extra credit for getting behind the idea of universal health care because it’s politically popular.

We’ll have to work extremely hard to stop the corporate interests from corrupting the very concept of Medicare for All, and pushing out the needs of the people.

Ben Lofton



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