Judge’s Ruling Questioned

Editor, News-Register:

Judge Hummel is quite the man. Not much of a jurist, but quite the man. He’s sentenced a decorated veteran and co-conspirator to six years in prison for what was not much more than a drunken and opioid fueled frenzy that resulted in a burned down bar. No dark money. No body burned. In fact, a third defendant’s mother was grateful for the fire because this whole affair has led her daughter to become “clean and sober.” The daughter has seen “the light,” yet even poor Judge Hummel hasn’t.

Now, I don’t know everything, but real West Virginians all understand our being number one in the death and destruction being spelled out by this addiction crises. Seems the judge is adding to the problem. The “industry” now growing up around all this dysfunction, which here includes the court, has no real clue of its depth and weight, its broad reach, and its mind-blowing potential for creating, basically, zombies. We’re not going to solve any problem coming from this mindset.

Yeah, to be sure, just like potholes and corrupt politics, we noble, proud, hard working, compassionate, sound-in-mind West Virginians must actually walk away and be forced to settle for what a class rules, who frankly, folks, just don’t care.

We’re powerless, all right. All children of God, but for good reasons, we just won’t attack. We’re still powerless.

God bless West Virginia. God bless Judge Hummel. And God save the rest of us. Are we powerless? Can’t we come together? Do we accept this opiod crisis and inadequate solutions as another necessary social commodity? I won’t. Do whatever little you can Mountaineers — but don’t accept it. We’re not being told the truth. You know it, don’t you?

Arnold Kuhl



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