Thanks a Lot, Unions

Editor, News-Register:

Dear teachers unions — Fred Albert (AFT), Dale Lee (WVEA), Jenny Craig (Ohio County):

Thank you so much for protecting my children from those dangerous charter schools that would do harm to my children and possibly to your unions’ dues levels. I feel lucky that you are protecting me from making stupid choices I might make if I had choices in public schools. Nothing could be more dangerous, I now realize.

I didn’t really understand your perspective until a visit today to my local grocery store. The grocery employees’ union was out front protesting the existence of competitor stores — especially non-union stores — so I stopped to hear the union representative explaining how dangerous it is for me to have competitor grocery stores in the area, besides her store, who may not offer the same quality merchandise. The union rep also explained that the existence of those other stores siphons off consumer money which otherwise would have been going to her store, and her union.

I shop regularly at this particular store, and I like it, so this concerned me tremendously — the idea that “choice” might mean that a consumer like me might suffer harm by stupidly choosing to shop somewhere else. Those competitor stores need to be shut down immediately! Another passerby argued with the union representative in my presence, saying that 44 other U.S. states offer stores other than the brand I shop at, and that prices and shopping choice have been enhanced by that type competition. I didn’t “buy” that, and neither did the union rep — she said that it is dangerous to innocent people like me, and I’m not capable of distinguishing whether another store would be better for me.

Jenny, Dale, Fred, and all others opposing public school choice, thank you again for protecting people like me from our own stupidity, and protecting my children from those dangerous charter schools!

Bill Jamieson



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