Misled Over the Strike

Editor, News-Register:

We had schools shut down for two days in Ohio County by the teacher unions over the mere possibility of seven charter schools across the state and 1,000 education savings accounts for students currently in public schools.

For perspective, there are 667 public schools in West Virginia. Creating as many as seven charter schools would constitute about one percent of all the schools. There are over 270,000 public school students in West Virginia. Less than one-half of one percent of students would be able take advantage of an education savings account. So our students were held hostage once again by union leaders and the lemming teachers over less than 1 percent of public school funding going towards public charters or education savings accounts.

That’s embarrassing that our educators care so little about honoring their contracts for such a small amount of potential school choice.

The fight against the idea of charter schools was even more insidious by many of the teachers. By way of example, there is a plethora of studies, evidence and information available about the efficacy of charter schools in the 44 states with charters. It is an irrefutable fact that there are great charters, poor charters, exceptional charters, and even fraudulent charters. It is indisputable that there are states where charters thrive and states with underachieving charters.

Now compare what you heard solely from teachers about charter schools. It was just half-truths, false facts and wide spread fear mongering about a legitimately multi-faceted issue. These were our educators using less than honest means to present their case.

Now imagine that bias being brought to the classroom on other topics.

When it served their own self-interest, many educators of our children, not all mind you but many, lied to our faces. I’m not sure whose intelligence the teachers were trying to insult, mine or their own. But it was scary and eye opening.

It proves once again that parents always need to be the best educators in the lives of their children.

David L. Delk



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