Not Paying Attention

Editor, News-Register:

During the recent congressional hearings that took place in the late January 2019, the heads of the major intelligence agencies of our great nation, on the record, often seriously contradicted the words of President Trump by stating such for the official record including: “North Korea is not denuclearizing. ISIS continues to be a serious threat. Iran is not at present pursuing the development of a nuclear bomb. There exists no immediate security risk at the U.S.-Mexico border, and Russia continues to engage in cyber warfare against the U.S.”

President Trump’s response to such troubling revelations and contradictions to his rhetoric was to, in pure Trumpian fashion, criticize these professionals, who are his appointees, to belittle their conclusions, without evidence whatsoever to substantiate his claims, calling the experts “extremely passive and naive.”

A revealing article that appeared recently in “Time Magazine,” authored by John Walcott, entitled “Willful Ignorance: Inside President Trump’s Troubled Intelligence Briefings,” reveals that there is an apparent “disconnect between President Trump and his intelligence officials,” that it is quite difficult to keep President Trump’s attention during briefings, and frequently repeating his name, extensive usage of visual aides, and restricting briefing points to one or two sentences “are regularly strategically implemented in order to help the president maintain at least some focus.” Shocking!

It has also recently been revealed and reported that President Trump “spends about 60 percent of his time daily on ‘executive time,’ which he reportedly spends watching television, making personal telephone calls and texting, with his first daily professional meeting taking place circa 11 a.m., while spending only 2-3 hours daily on official duties.”

This from an individual who has delusionally claimed that somehow he is the “hardest working president in history,” when it appears quite obviously that he is not only, most assuredly, the very least hard-working of any of our presidents, he may well be among the least hard-working members of, quite literally, the American citizenry.

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry


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