It Was a Miracle

Editor, News-Register:

I thought I would share a “Wheeling miracle” with you.

I live on Oak Park Avenue and have for 25 years. It’s a nice place to live, with 24 homes and 60 neighbors. On any school day, about 28 cars drop off maybe 44 kids in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. No problem. They are gone in 15 minutes.

By now, you’re wondering just how this relates to a miracle.

There are also, living on our street for 85-plus years, 22 oak trees. One of them, the oldest and largest of them all — and I do mean large; we’re talking in tons — fell across both lanes. It missed any houses, except for pulling wires from the side of one next door. And it totaled a parked car.

The amazing part of this is the hour it fell, 11:15 at night. There were no kids on the walk, no cars on the road. It could have been quite a different story. You can imagine.

So, I saw the day afterward, the sun was shining here and the street had been cleaned up very nicely. Folks were out walking their dogs, kids were doing their thing and the traffic was normal.

But the neighbors were still thanking God for “the miracle on Oak Park Avenue.”

Dick Cress



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