Good People In The News

Isn’t it fun to see a young person from the Ohio Valley make the national spotlight? Whether it’s watching Brad Paisley rip through a song on his paisley guitar on national TV or Nate Davis spiraling a pass directly into the hands of a Ball State receiver, it just invokes a smile.

Many of us remember Brad when he was not much bigger than his guitar, playing the local Rotary and Lions club meetings and later on the stage at the Capitol Music Hall. It’s nice to know that a piece of the Ohio Valley has since stepped onto the stage of the Grand Ole Opry and made us proud. If there has been negative news about Brad, I haven’t heard it.

As for Nate, anyone who watched this young man play sports at Bellaire High School must share in the joy and success he is now enjoying in college. He has a big decision awaiting him as he finishes his junior year in college as the football pros have set their sights on this promising talent.

Too often we hear only about the negative things people do. It’s nice to be able to share in the good news of some of our own folks.

All throughout the presidential campaign, you rarely heard about the positive things the candidates were doing, only the mud-slinging. If there was anything positive to report, we weren’t aware of it. Maybe we saw the candidates visiting the wounded troops in a VA hospital, but I don’t recall hearing that any of them promised the soldiers that this country would not forget them in years to come.

As for the local news, we really don’t want to put another pedophile arrest on the pages of the paper, but it is news. We would much rather have those smiling faces of some young people from the local high schools collecting canned food items. Yet reporting the news can be a real challenge in the ever-changing, instant message world of today.

While you might get a mention on the radio or a 10-second spot on the TV news, you can open the newspaper, spread it out on the table and read the details of an arrest, an upcoming musical or the latest goings-on at the local county commission or city council meeting. You can clip out an article and put it in a scrapbook. You can send copies on to family and friends who have moved away.

That’s why newspapers will always have a place in their communities. And we truly enjoy being able to bring you some good news. We’re not perfect, but we try our best to inform, entertain and make you think. Keep telling us about those wonderful folks we call our neighbors and we will pass it along to our readers. Who knows, maybe we can inspire Brad to write another song about the good people back home.

Heather Ziegler can be reached via e-mail at