Red Kettles Have Gone Online

The Moundsville Salvation Army for the first time this year will be able to receive monetary gifts online. The program is known as Online Red Kettle.

The Salvation Army Red Kettles have been an American tradition since 1891, and now with the 21st century in full swing, the Salvation Army is embracing new ways of raising funds to support not only vital work at Christmastime, but year-round.

Charles Nutt, divisional development director, explained to the Moundsville Salvation Army Board this past week that the online effort isn’t meant to replace the kettles manned by individuals in communities served by the Salvation Army.

He noted that the Online Red Kettle effort was the result of inquiries made by individuals wanting to make contributions using their credit cards.

While community kettle giving is November and December (this year in Marshall County the initial date is Nov. 17 at Kroger’s in Benwood and Moundsville, at Goddard’s in Moundsville and Witschey’s in New Martinsville; the Wal-Mart locations in Moundsville and New Martinsville will start Nov. 23), people can make contribution using the Online Red Kettle through Jan. 31.

Nutt outlined three types of online kettles which are available.

They are:

– Individual kettles, which enable donors to host their own Online Red Kettle by customizing their own Online Red Kettle page,and then contacting family and friends to make contributions.

– Team kettles consist of civic groups, church groups and other organizations hosting Online Team Kettles. A Team Kettle also allows individual team members to host their own Personal Kettles, contributions to the team’s fundraising goals and tally on an individual basis.

– Company kettles enable any company to host an Online Company Kettle in a co-branded environment with The Salvation Army. The amount of money collected will be reflected on the Company Kettle page in real time. A link to the online Company Kettle will automatically be provided. This link can then be included on a company Internet site or email blast to employees, vendors, customers, etc.

Those wishing to host an Online Red Kettle, or to learn more about it are encouraged to visit the Salvation Army website,

As to Nutt, he has set up an online Individual Kettle using the Mounsville zip code of 26041, and thus any of contributions made to his online address will go to the Moundsville Salvation Army.

You might wonder why someone who grew up in Alliance, Ohio, and now resides in Pennsylvania just across the line from Maryland, would be interested in helping the Moundsville Salvation Army.

Nutt explained that his grandmother, whose maiden name was Strait, grew up in Cameron.

He said as a youngster he had heard about Marshall County, and this past week was the first time he had ever been to Marshall County.

Also, Moundsville Corps Capt. Janna Torgenson has set up an online Individual Kettle.

Anyone who has questions concerning the online kettles being offered can contact the Moundsville Salvation Army at 304-845-0510.

Moundsville Economic Development Council personnel are very pleased with the number of people who have attended the Dungeon of Horrors and the new North Walk, the latter being a tour of North Hall at the former West Virginia Penitentiary.

Tom Stiles said that because of the popularity of the North Walk, it will become an annual event.

The last day of the Dungeon of Horrors and the North Walk will be Wednesday night. On Monday and Tuesday, there will be attractions for youngsters at the former penitentiary.

On Monday from 6-8 p.m. will be a “Dungeon of Fun for the Little Ones!” Actually, this event for ages 2-6 is held in the Training Center within the walls of the former penitentiary.

There will be games and treats for the youngsters and while there is a $5 per child fee, the proceeds will again be donated to the local Shriners. There is no fee for adults.

Tuesday from 6-8 p.m. there will be “Family Night” which is a smaller version of the Dungeon of Horrors. It is geared for children 6-12, and a family of four can participate for $10.

There will be ghost stories at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Moundsville-Marshall County Public Library. There is no charge and light refreshments will be served. Ghost stories, haunting legends and eerie folktales will be featured. Storytellers June Riffle and Jo Ann Dadisman comprise the group called “Mountain Echoes.” They have performed together as professional storytellers for several years

The city of Benwood will again be sponsoring a parade and party in conjunction with trick-or-treating which will be from 5:30-7 p.m. on Wednesday. The parade lineup will be at 7 p.m. at the Fourth Street Playground, and at the conclusion of this event the party will take place at the playground, where treat bags and door prizes will be given to children present. The party is for only those children who are residents of Benwood.

Parents may sign up their children to receive tickets for the party, the sign-ups to take place from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. at the city clerk’s office in the city building.

Starting during American Education Week in November, Marshall County Schools will be providing information concerning the operating levy, which is up for renewal on Dec. 15.

The levy has been approved by Marshall County voters every five years since 1959.

Wetzel and Tyler county residents will also be voting on operating levies on Dec. 15.

The city of McMechen is seeking a city attorney, as Joe Canestraro will become a full-time assistant Marshall County prosecutor as of Nov. 15, and thus will be resigning from this McMechen position.

Canestraro has been a part-time member of Prosecutor Jeff Cramer’s staff, and since Marshall County is a Class I County it can have a full-time assistant.