Reasons To Be Thankful

A friend who’s heavily involved in politics summed everything up on the morning of Nov. 6, Election Day. “No matter who wins today, 50 percent of Americans are going to wake up ticked off tomorrow,” he said. Except he didn’t say “ticked.” He used more colorful terminology.

He was right, of course. About half the people who bothered to vote wanted Barack Obama to win re-election. About half preferred Mitt Romney.

So it’s good that, on Thursday, we can all pause to take deep breaths and reflect on the many reasons we have to be smiling about life in general, rather than scowling about politics.

It’s a good thing Thanksgiving Day falls a few weeks after presidential elections. It reminds us of the many reasons we have to be grateful in our personal lives, as well as for the bountiful land and wonderful people among whom we reside.

Think for a moment about how thankful you should be to the kind God who made you an American, rather than a resident of many other countries:

  • In terms of material blessings, consider the report a few days ago that almost despite ourselves, it is possible we Americans will be energy independent within a few decades.
  • Even the poor in America have a standard of living undreamed of by hundreds of millions of people in other countries. There is no reason for anyone in this nation to die from starvation or lack of health care. That cannot be said everywhere.
  • When we disagree over political or social issues, we use ballots, not bullets, to decide how to proceed.
  • No other people are as secure as we are as a nation. Our armed forces are the best any country ever has enjoyed.
  • Our fellow Americans seem to agree that as long as we don’t harm anyone else, we are free to live our lives however we choose. That’s really what liberty is all about, and it is a blessing the vast majority of people on the planet do not enjoy.

On Thursday, think about those points for a few minutes. Reflect that taking them for granted may be the surest way to lose those blessings of being Americans.

And give thanks especially that while you may not always agree with what’s in their heads, you seldom have cause to doubt the goodness in your neighbors’ hearts.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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