New Mayor Active In Community

New Moundsville Mayor Eugene Saunders has been involved with the youth in the city his entire adult life, and it was because of his involvement with youth that four years ago he decided to be a candidate for city council.

Saunders was the chairman of the city’s parks and recreation board at the time, and has continued in this position while serving as a member of city council for the past four years, and plans to head up the board during his term as mayor.

Saunders said the board has worked on providing the youth of Moundsville a skateboard park, and he hopes this becomes a reality in the very near future.

Another of his goals is for a youth recreation facility.

As a youth Saunders was a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout, attaining the rank of Explorer.

Since his retirement from Consol Energy seven years, he has used his energy to work not only on behalf of the youth, but all citizens of Moundsville. As to his employment, he first worked underground at the Ireland facility and then at the McElroy mine. He retired after 38 years as a shift foreman. Saunders said, “I’m proud of Moundsville, and I hope everyone residing in the city is just as proud.”

His involvement with the community has come through his memberships in the Marshall County Chamber of Commerce, and the Lions Club.

This past year he served as vice president of the chamber. However, the bylaws do not permit a mayor from any of the five municipalities to serve as president or on the executive board. The mayors and the president of the Marshall County Commission are ex-officio members of the board, but have no vote.

As a member of the Moundsville Lions Club he has served as president and is currently the chairman of the Sight Committee, which reviews applications for eyeglasses by needy individual.

In addition, he is currently serving as Second Vice District Governor of the Lions.

Getting back to his involvement with youth, he started out as an elementary school flag football coach and spent 26 years in that capacity – three years at Park View, three years at Sanford and 20 years at McNinch. He was also involved with the basketball programs at these schools.

In 1999 he, along with several others, formed the Panther Tackle Football team, and he has served as varsity coach and president since the inception.

His work with youth also includes umpiring baseball games – something he has done for 40 years. He started out in Little League and has been umpiring both Little League and high school games for the past 12 years.

The new mayor, a 1966 graduate of Moundsville High School, was a member of the Moundsville Jaycees for 15 years.

He operated a martial arts studio in Moundsville for 16 years. He attained a black belt and is a member Master Tae-Kwon-Do organization.

Saunders is currently the president of the Ohio Valley Youth Football League, and is on the executive boards of the Mid-Ohio and Ohio Valley Baseball board.

Saunders, who formerly served on the city of Moundsville Police Civil Service Board, is looking forward to learning more about the operations of the city.

He is hoping that more citizens will become involved in city whether it be as a city official, or in other areas for the betterment of the city he loves.

Of course, like mayors of other communities, he would like to see new businesses.

He wants the citizens to be proud of their city, and one way is keep their properties cleaned up.

The new mayor said that he could not be involved as he has in the past and currently without the support of his wife, Ellen.

Tim Brown, a 1982 graduate of Cameron High School, will assume the duties of activities director at CHS on Jan. 3.

Brown coached several sports teams at CHS, before moving to West Greene, and then to Groveport-Madison High School, southeast of Columbus, where he has been a highly successful coach for the past 10 years.

Brown replaces Aaron Poling who in November accepted a position with an energy firm located in the area.

Beginning Wednesday, the Feeding Body & Soul Community Kitchen will operate out of Simpson United Methodist Church Monday through Saturday.

The community kitchen began some 18 months at the Ash Avenue Church of God with meals served three days a week. This past April, Simpson United Methodist Church partnered with Ash Avenue Church of God to provide meals six days a week.

The co-chairs of the community kitchen agreed to prepare and serve all the meals at Simpson, as it has sufficient room from which to operate.

The daily average of people utilizing this service is 100.

Attended the Pirate Caravan at the Ohio Valley Mall, which means that baseball season is not too far off.

Of course, spring training is even closer, and until now the Uniglobe Baseball Club hasn’t had a trip to Florida, but this year, March 3-7, Bill Bryan has a flight going to Orlando and Bradenton.

Merry Christmas to all the loyal readers of this column, which hopefully includes friends, co-workers and family, including granddaughter, Lily.