Farm Bureau Serving Ice Cream

During the past few days in Marshall County many events have taken place, so it is probably a good thing there will be a somewhat laid-back activity on Monday night

I’m speaking of the annual Marshall County Farm Bureau sponsored free ice cream sundae affair, held in conjunction with National Dairy Month.

Monday’s observance will begin at 6:30 p.m., when the MCFB members start scooping the ice cream for the public to enjoy.

The event will be held on the grounds of the Marshall County Courthouse. There will also be musical entertainment by Wesley Howsare. Those attending are to bring their lawn chairs and enjoy the fellowship.

Getting back to the past Thursday through Saturday activities in Marshall County, the highlight was the celebration of West Virginia’s 150th Birthday.

Among other events were an old-time Power Engine Show and the annual Boys of Summer get-together. Hardly a weekend goes by without a steak fry and that held true last weekend, as Slim Lehart was featured at a musical performance in Clouston, the Moundsville Lions Club held its installation, etc.

While on the subject of the Boys of Summer, last Sunday night I received a telephone call from organizer Jim Heath, who wanted to have breakfast at Bob’s Lunch on Monday morning. He said he wanted to present Bob Montgomery, Don Yost and myself with a gift.

As you might expect, the gift had something to do with the Boys of Summer.

It was actually a tribute to Heath from his son Justin, in the form of a DVD. It was a song titled “Headed for Home,” which Justin had written and sung.

The title of Boys of Summer came about when Jim Heath a few years ago decided to contact some of his then-youthful teammates and some of his opponents from the 1950s.

Getting back to the breakfast, these three individuals are noted for being able to carry on lengthy conversations, especially when it comes to sports.

Would you believe the breakfast consumed nearly two hours, touching on all phases dealing with major league baseball?

When I got home, I played the DVD, and was very impressed that someone who wasn’t around in the mid-50s could put to music how youngsters back then entertained themselves, especially when it came to playing America’s No. 1 sport.

While I was writing this column I received a fax from the Marshall County Extension Office which caught my attention. The heading read: “Do You Walk? Make it Count!”

Information was conveyed that states that the LIVE Well Summer Steps Community Challenge is under way, and that by participating in what was described as as an easy program a person can do something good for himself and help Marshall County win the designation of a “Live Well West Virginia Community” in the process.

Summer Steps is designed to be fast and easy, with the individual tracking personal mileage through West Virginia University Extension’s online tracker at

During the registration process the person needs to indicate that he or she wants miles to be credited to Marshall County.

The tracking of mileage continues through Aug. 31.

The communication states that if walking isn’t a person’s favorite way to work out, the person can count 20 minutes of other physical activity such as bike riding, swimming or soccer as one mile. It is pointed out that you can do your “thing” and it will count even if you are out of Marshall County at camp or on vacation.

Sponsors of the challenge include the West Virginia Association of Counties and the WVU Extension Service.

In addition to bragging rights, the winning county also receives a walkability study by the WVU Extension Service’s Community, Economic and Workforce Development program.

The fax states that if a person needs more ideas, he or she can visit the LIVEWell West Virginia website at, or contact Cheryl Kaczor at the Marshall County Extension Office, at 304-843-1170.

Grand Vue Park will be partnering with the McMechen Parks and Recreation committee at two upcoming movies, the first of which will be this Thursday. The McMechen committee will be operating their own concession stand.

Thursday’s movie is “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” The concession stand will open at 6 p.m.

You can play miniature golf for $2 that evening.

By the way, the park now has in service a 12-passenger handicap accessible bus which will be transporting cabin patrons to downtown Moundsville. It will also transport individuals staying at the new Sleep Inn and Suites to Grand Vue, if they so desire.