Britons, Babies & Bullets

A royal baby was born in England this week with as much fanfare as the end of a war.

In Newell, a half-naked toddler was found wandering alone in a quiet neighborhood, rescued by a concerned resident.

The royal baby is in line to be king of England one day, complete with crown and the riches that accompany it. This week, two young children and a babe in arms were delivered to an area hospital because they had apparently been neglected and were suffering from assorted ailments.

When Duchess Kate and her hubby Prince William christen their newborn son, he will have a lengthy name fitting for a future king. He will never want for clothing, food, shelter or love. Before he even opened his eyes or stretched his tiny fist into the air, he was adored by millions who brought flowers, cards and gifts to the precious infant.

In March, a 13-month-old boy was shot and killed while he sat in a stroller being pushed by his mother in a Georgia town. Two teens, ages 17 and 14, have been charged with the murder after the toddler’s mother fought with the attackers who wanted to steal her purse. The child’s name can be found on a tombstone but most of us will never know it.

That same month, a 6-month-old girl and her father were shot while inside their van in their Chicago neighborhood. The father was changing his baby’s diaper when gunshots rang out. He was shot and recovered. His baby girl did not survive.

I’m happy for the people of England. They have a right to celebrate the birth of the new royal child. Every birth should be viewed as good news. And that’s maybe where the Brits have it over the rest of us. England may have its ups and downs, murders and mayhem, but our country is far ahead in making headlines in the bad news column.

I can’t imagine how the good residents of Steubenville must feel as day and after day, violence comes to their doors. Innocent people are being killed.

Parents are holding their kids a little tighter in that city. They aren’t playing hockey or passing football so much in the streets these days.

The criminals aren’t discriminating.

They kill young and old. They mark their turf with the blood of the victims, one who died while sitting inside his own home with family members. Others have been shot on their front porches and in the streets.

I have no answers for the local violence. I leave that up to the experts. Until it stops, babies, teenagers, seniors and in-betweens will continue to be found in the obituary columns.

We can make fun of the folks in England who are silly over-the-moon about the birth of a baby boy, but just maybe they have the right idea. Every child should be so lucky.

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