Harto Reaches Out To Help Employees

An email was sent this past week to Marshall County Chamber of Commerce members from TeleTech’s Diana Harto asking businesses if they are currently hiring and, if so, would they like to participate in an onsite job fair at the Moundsville facility?

She states that once it is known how many employers plan to take part in the job fair (2), the date(s) will be set.

“As most of you have already read in the newspaper or viewed on the local news, the Moundsville TeleTech site is scheduled to close on Sept. 20,” Harto said. “This is primarily due to the current client’s business decision to no longer operate at two of our centers – one being Moundsville. The client’s decision had nothing to do with the performance of the employees or the center. In fact, Moundsville was often and most recently the top-rated center for that particular client.”

The email noted TeleTech’s goal is to assist the employees with career transition as many do not want to leave the community and therefore TeleTech plans to gather local employers who are hiring for similar skills.

She points out that TeleTech Moundsville has a workforce consisting of performance driven customer service associate (experienced in troubleshooting, escalation, multi-tasking, and quality customer care to mention a few) plus Team Leads responsible for 20 plus associates on a team, two managers, three certified trainers, two individuals in Information Technology for desktop support and a few various other support staff.

Harto is asking that businesses who might be interested in employing from TeleTech to contact her or Spencer McIlvain at TeleTech.

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Grand Vue Park is adding an ice rink to list of things to do at the facility.

It will be a year-round attraction, and will be located near the Red Barn.

The facility will be installed Thursday with the grand opening to take place at 10 a.m. Saturday.

Spike, the Wheeling Nailers mascot, and some other from the Nailers organization are expected to be in attendance.

According to GVP general manager Craig White, the rink will be 40 feet by 40 feet. The base will be a synthetic product.

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Moundsville City Manager Deanna Hess, safety director Earl Shaw, along with city department heads met Friday to discuss the cleanup of Valley Fork Park following flooding on July 1.

The Marshall County Health Department determined the conditions were such that Beast of the East games could not be played there, and other events be suspended, including the use of the Sam Shaw Walking Trail.

The ballfields and the walking track remain closed until crews are able to rid the area of debris.

Rainy weather in the past couple weeks have kept city crews from bringing in heavy equipment to do necessary cleanup work.

City officials urge residents who used to use the Sam Shaw trail to instead use the Moundsville-Glen Dale Walking Track until the cleanup of Valley Fork Park is completed.

Residents will be notified when the work is completed.

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Most people don’t attend baseball games which begin at 11:05 a.m. and 9:55 p.m. on the same day.

That is unless you are part of a Uniglobe Ohio Valley travel party.

On Wednesday, 36 of us, led by Uniglobe’s Bill Bryson, set out for a one-day trip to Washington, Pa., and Pittsburgh.

The Wild Things was the first game, and the first pitch was thrown out a bright and sunny day, and remained that way throughout.

We left in the top of the ninth to make it on time to the Clemente Museum in Pittsburgh where former Roberto Clemente teammate Steve Blass and Clemente memorabilia collector Duane Reeder gave interesting talks about the Hall of Famer.

Then over to PNC Park where, on arrival, grey clouds began rolling in and it looked like you could reach up and touch them. The clouds were followed by rain which lasted until 9 p.m., at which time the infield tarp was removed and 55 minutes later the first pitch was made.

Bryson had decided earlier should the game be part of a rain delay that our group would leave at 11:15 p.m., and in this case it turned out that figure came after three innings of play.

The good thing was that Bryson was in his package-offered club seats for this particular game, and thus instead of being in the weather, our group was inside, and I was fortunate enough to find an easy chair until the start of the game.

It was somewhat interesting to watch people who didn’t know when, or if, the game would be played and had to find something to do in the mean time.

In addition to the normal talking to one another and eating, their electronics devices got a workout. As you might expect the vendors were quite pleased with the delay.

By the way, the Pirates got three runs prior to us leaving, and went on to snap an Oakland A’s winning streak of 11 in interleague play against the Pirates, and a four-game losing streak administered by the Cubs and A’s over the previous four days.