Wake Up and Demand Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

According to the Sept. 11 “The Intelligencer,” Ohio’s government got a windfall of $350,000 in fines from two fracking companies. In one case, the toxic brine leaked through a ripped containment pond liner. In another incident, dangerous flowback was dumped on a farm for convenient disposal. One company has to rebuild seven well pads. If it is illegal to get rid of toxic waste by dumping it on the ground, then why is it permissible to use the same chemical concoctions to treat Ohio and West Virginia’s wintery roads? This does not make sense. Let radiation affect everyone equally.

Where was the illegally dumped mud, legally dumped? When there was a frack water spill (due to an improperly installed coupler) on a neighbor’s property from a pipe that connected the Chapel Hill containment pond to the Nichols Pad, West Virginia’s DEP could not visit my property and check the stream because it was too “complicated” and “cumbersome.” What an impotent organization. I find that my tax dollars going to further fund them is cumbersome.

Let us not forget a new report states that injection wells are usually the cause of the sudden emergence of earthquakes in the tri-state area. On August 21, Kathy Cosco is quoted as saying “vapors are keeping us (State Dept. of Environmental Protection) from getting close” to the MarkWest pipeline break in Rocky Run stream.

The lead story for the Sept. 29 “Sunday News-Register” is about the residents in the vicinity of the Blue Racer Midstream Plant having to evacuate themselves after an explosion and fire.

There was the Feb. 22, 2013 incident where Homer Simpson left a valve open and 2,264 barrels, which is equal to 99,616 gallons, spilled into a tributary to Big Wheeling Creek. Who knows what environmental disaster will be reported tomorrow?

With these recent human errors in the frack industry in mind, I remain opposed to Greenhunter breaking ground at their Warwood property this month. The radioactive flowback needs to be loaded onto the trucks at the well pad, unloaded at the Warwood plant, processed, separated, then the unusable radioactive cakes will be loaded onto a barge moored on the Ohio River (if approved), and the reusable liquids reloaded onto trucks and hauled through populated residential areas to be unloaded and reused at a frack pad. Handling this stuff several times leaves plenty of room for accidents. It is especially disturbing when this is going on so close to Wheeling’s, many small communities’ and major American cities’ drinking water source.

Our landscape and infrastructure are being destroyed by fracking. If frackers also are having to be a department of transportation (repave the roads they crush on their way to and from well pads and pipeline sites), pay for out-of- town pipeliners to move into hotels, and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, how profitable of a business venture is it?

Our gas is not even staying in the area: It is going to Asia. Is it worth it to permit the ruination of our hilltop vistas so that 12 ninja warriors can have full time jobs guarding enough water to do only one-third of a frack? Does it not say something about the dangers of fracking when gas vapors are so hazardous that investigators cannot examine an environmental disaster, and a community has to evacuate themselves after an explosion since company officials and local authorities did not appear on scene, and no alarm sounded? Are we that desperate for any job? Where is our Mountaineer Pride?

Many hilltops are now crowned with drilling rigs, flaring towers and gas storage tanks. Benzene and formaldehyde rain down us from the hill tops, yet we still believe what the frackers have told us: “Fracking is safe.” If you feel that you are breathing carcinogens from frack flaring, David McCawley, from the WVU School of Public Health, recommends “stay healthy – or try to get away from them” (“The Intelligencer” July 5, 2013). Aside from Oliver Luck, I have another reason not to donate to WVU. Mr. McCawley can buy a new house for me, but where is there no fracking? Woods are being clear cut for pipelines. Open your eyes on Route 88, a little before one gets to West Liberty. Frackers are planning on building a frack pad near the newly constructed, environmentally friendly Cameron High School. Frack trucks may not be hauling water and sand during school hours, but faculty and students may be eventually breathing the fumes from the pad. I hope Mr. McCawley provides the students with daily non-gmo apples grown on his frack free farm.

If we are not going to proclaim: “STOP! YOUR TECHNOLOGY IS FAULTY! THIS IS A FRAUD!” then let us legalize all narcotics, human trafficking, child prostitution, praise Judas, read porn in school and teach 2 plus 2 equals 5.

We keep hearing presidents say we must end our addiction to foreign oil, but yet nothing has changed since the Iran hostage ordeal. What happened about the idea of gasohol from elementary school in the mid-’70s? We have already been taught life is cheap with Roe v. Wade.

Perhaps churches should do sermons on Genesis 2: 15 instead of being concerned about how much money is in the plate, group think and the universe was created 6,000 years ago. If a minister reluctantly acknowledges the existence of dinosaurs, those anomalies lived the week before the Pyramids were built. To make sure they keep in line with the time frame established by the Bible, minsters use fossil fuels to drive to church to make the laughable assertion that dinosaurs did not exist.

It is way past time we start to seriously consider reusable energy sources.

We can put a man on the moon, but you expect me to believe, in 21st Century America, that we cannot find an alternative to fossil fuels? If you have not noticed, we do not live in 14th Century Italy, and we are allowed to question Pope Frackus.

WAKE UP! Thank God for Galileo. He showed us that churches/corporations do not have a monopoly on the truth. Solar powered batteries are driving satellites into deep space. What we are using is not working. There are alternatives. Let us start using them.

Wheeling needs to rename herself Springfield and can be lorded over by several candidates for Mr. Burns.

I don’t care if the men in black now have more fodder for another file on me. It will not be the first one. They can fight Godzilla when he emerges from the Ohio River.

Eddy is a resident of Ohio County.