Mom’s Day No Break For Many

The women who in some ways earn the most praise for raising children won’t be getting Mother’s Day gifts from their husbands today.

They don’t have husbands. And there are more of them these days. About one-third of the children born in the United States are to unwed mothers.

About 11.2 million American mothers are raising children without fathers in the household. Most of them were young when they got pregnant.

Told they were about to become fathers, many of the men involved simply walked away. No dirty diapers for them. No sleepless nights spent trying to comfort a crying baby. No worrying about how to put food on the table for more than one.

None of that for the deadbeat dads. Each and every one of them had a choice to make.

But mothers don’t have that choice, unless they choose adoption or abortion.

Those who choose to bear, deliver and keep their babies usually do so for all the right reasons, though there are a few who think it’s cool to have a child. They are disabused of that notion within hours of the blessed event.

Sometimes their own mothers and fathers, grandparents or other family members are around to help out. But by the millions, unwed moms suddenly find themselves all alone in the hardest job there is.

Meanwhile, the men who should be partnering with them are off living the relatively good life. Too frequently, that includes making new babies.

Many of these jerks ought to have the you-know-what beaten out of them repeatedly, in my opinion. At the very least, they ought to be forced to pay substantial child support – or go to jail.

Some people whose hearts are bleeding for the wrong folks ask how can a fellow who may not have a job or is working at a low-wage one be expected to do that. Well, I don’t know. Maybe the same way the woman – or girl – he left behind is finding a way to raise a child alone.

People are complicated creatures who defy sweeping generalizations. Every single mother is not a saint.

But many are. They achieve that status at 3 in the morning while rocking and cooing to babies who never seem to lack the energy to cry. They earn it at high school graduations. They win sainthood a thousand times over.

Someone ought to say it to them: Happy Mothers Day.

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