Americans Want Pennies in Our Pockets

Editor, News-Register:

I wanted to talk about the semi-recent topic of parting ways with our beloved pennies. I hold a strong opinion on this and know that many other people do, too.

The penny was first minted in 1909. It has a portrait of arguably the greatest United States president on it, Abe Lincoln, and was also the very first currency of any type to be authorized in America. It symbolizes what the United States stands for. It states, “In God we Trust” “Liberty,” and “E Plurisus Unum.”

Discarding the penny means getting rid of part of us as a nation. Sure, it might cost more to make thsn it costs, the majority still want it around. If they stopped being produced, what would everybody do with the their now useless coins? It would be impossible for the government to try and collect them all, and some of the pennies would for sure be missed. These leftover coins would rise in price due to rareness, and once again, the price of a every single leftover penny would rise. Please, don’t get rid of get rid of our beloved penny as they mean a lot to a good amount of people. It is a big part of all of us, even if it’s worth only one cent.

James Marshall Taylor