Trump the True Candidate of Wall St.

Is it not now becoming more obvious that the populist rhetoric that highlighted the campaign of President-elect Donald J. Trump was utilized simply as a ploy to deceive the voting population into believing that the multi-billionaire real estate mogul was actually a “man of the people” when in reality nothing could be further from the truth, as evidenced by his selections for critical positions in his Cabinet including high-ranking officials from Goldman-Sachs, Exxon-Mobil, Amway, after promising to “drain the swamp” from such influences and criticizing his opponents, whom he claimed were influenced and funded by such entities?

Mr. Trump’s Cabinet picks to date have a documented combined net worth of well over $10 billion, which makes his Cabinet comprised of the wealthiest individuals by far, in United States history.

During the presidential campaign, Mr. Trump chided his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton as being a candidate of Wall Street, when in actuality it is Mr. Trump who is greatly enhancing Wall Street’s significant influence on our government exponentially.

Also during the campaign, Mr. Trump strongly criticized his opponents for seeking funding from other sources stating that doing so breeds corruption and that his campaign would be self funded in order to avoid such conflicts when in fact, the Trump campaign raised more than $300 million from large and small donors alike, for which he was extremely critical of others.

Mr. Trump professes to place a 35-percent tariff on goods manufactured outside the United States to be sold in our country. I am curious as to if this proposed action would also be imposed on the multitude of Trump products that are sold and have long been manufactured overseas for our consumption.

Is it not at least somewhat disconcerting that President-elect Trump has little time for critical intelligence briefings, but has ample time to continue his campaign with relevant stops nationally for a self-aggrandize victory tour?

Also, does it not certainly appear that although Mr. Trump is very willing to severely criticize American institutions and citizens, he is not willing to acknowledge and express concern regarding Russia’s converted efforts to electronically influence the recent election, which has been verified by no fewer than 17 independent U.S. entities including the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, which Mr. Trump has been all the quick to criticize?

Four years ago, Mr. Trump stated that the Electoral College was a disaster for democracy but now offers the institution effusive praise as it was the Electoral College that essentially elected him president, in spite of the popular vote to the contrary.

In closing, I will be anxious to see how Mr. Trump plans to return the coal industry to its previous position of prominence and if when implemented, the degree of success such will achieve as had been a salient promise he made to voters during the campaign.

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry