‘Boots’ Was A Good Teacher Of Life

For a long time now my Uncle John has wanted me to tell you about our farm dog, Boots. Boots was a typical hound with brown droopy ears and a cheerful greeting that made all visitors to the farm smile. Boots had that innate ability to trot up and make you smile whether you were having a good day or not.

Boots didn’t grow up on the farm. Actually we sort of inherited him.

One of my sisters adopted Boots as a stray, but she quickly found out he was not a house dog. Boots got in lots of trouble in that house.

He then lived with my brother, but Boots was gun shy and not much good as a hunting dog. Fortunately for Boots after striking out time after time he found his forever home.

He was great at chasing varmints from the garden and being the official greeter at our family farm. Boots had finally found his purpose.

If Boots could talk I’m sure he would have lots to say. He would probably tell you to never give up. Maybe he would remind you that like him, many people in the Bible messed up in their day to day lives, too.

Jonah refused God’s plan, Peter denied Christ a couple times, Martha was too busy to learn from Jesus, and David didn’t keep his pants on. Fortunately God had a plan of redemption. Boots may tell you to not get in a slump and believe that you or your circumstances will never change.

I bet he would tell you to look at failures differently, too. You see, if he had done well in the house he would have never realized his true purpose of being a farm pup with the freedoms found in country life. Romans 8:28 NIV tells us that … we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

I miss Boots. He had a way of imparting “hope and joy.” We could all learn from him.

We think nothing of going to CPR classes in case someone in our path may need us to breathe oxygen into them.

Many of us have even donated life giving blood to be given to complete strangers.

Yet, how many of us make an effort to impart hope and joy to strangers or others whether we self righteously deem them worthy or not.

God went out of his way to individually design each of us. We have our own DNA, fingerprints, voice, eyes and who knows what else so carefully fashioned. When we look at others we are observing God’s handiwork. I love telling those in my path to look at their fingers and to never forget that they, too, have a purpose.

Admittedly it is not always easy to look for the best in people and to give them chance after chance, but after all, aren’t you glad God doesn’t use a three strike rule?