Does anybody sin nowadays?

Does anybody sin any more? Whatever happened to sin? You know, it’s when you do something wrong. Well, that’s probably it. Nobody does anything wrong any more or at least wants to admit it.

We know the culture these days approves of all kinds of immoral behavior.

Lying is all right if it’s to your advantage. When it comes to sexual wrong doing, it would seem the only act which is condemned is some form of rape. Everything else is OK. Laziness and sloppiness in the work place is fine. It’s OK to intimidate other folks and destroy property if you have a just cause. You can go deep into debt to get all the “stuff” you want since you “deserve it,” and you can always file for bankruptcy if you can’t pay. Default on your student loans? Sure. Tear down others with vicious words and innuendo? Sure, they deserve it. I think that’s enough to make the point.

It should not surprise us that the culture (the world) does not want to hear about its sin or unrighteous behavior. The world under Satan’s rule has always wanted to establish its own rules and be its own judge. Recent polls indicate that whatever people believe or think in their own hearts is truth and right for them. “Don’t judge me” we often hear these days in one form or another.

But what about God’s people? What about those who wear the name Christian? Do we still talk about sin? Acknowledge our sins? After all, it is a distasteful subject.When I flip around on some of these “faith” TV channels, what I see and hear is about how you can have a better life, a better marriage, be more fulfilled. Or it’s “send in your ‘seed money,'” and God will send a great blessing into your life. Or it’s call the prayer line, and we’ll pray for your healing. And of course the ever popular sermons about the antichrist and the end of time which always leave you more confused than before and leave you feeling worse about the future rather than more hopeful.

What about your church? Is sin taught? Discussed? I don’t mean a steady diet of it, but a good balance so we don’t forget about life’s realities (2 Peter 1:9). Have we become like the Pharisee in Jesus’ parable (Luke 18:9-14) who looked with contempt on the lowly tax collector and exalted his own righteousness?

You say that you don’t do the horrible deeds we hear about these days. You’re not selling drugs in your neighborhood. You haven’t kidnaped any kids and sexually abused them. You’re not brain washing people to strap on bombs and blow themselves up in crowded concert arenas. You haven’t abused your position as a teacher or coach and taken advantage of your students. You didn’t lock your children in the trunk of your car while you went shopping. Yes, yes, and God bless you for not doing those things.

But God expects much better of His people. He made us in His image, and we are to reflect that image (Romans 8:29), “to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matthew 5:48). So, husband, do you really love your wife, or do you think you’re doing good just because you don’t mistreat her? So, wife, do you truly respect your husband as the head of your family? Is your faith lived out on Tuesday morning and Friday evening, or just seen when you enter the church building? Do you love your neighbors or just tolerate them? Do you pray all the time, for everyone (including your enemies), or is prayer for you in a worship service and maybe before supper? Do you try to turn conversations to spiritual topics and sow the seed of the word, or just go with the flow of what’s being discussed? Are you truly being “the salt of the earth” and “the light of the world”?

Whatever happened to sin? The Holy Spirit indicts us all: “If we say that we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves…” (1 John 1:8-10). What, in fact, are your sins? (What are mine?) Do you confess them? Have you had them cleansed by the blood of Christ through faith, repentance and baptism? You know, sin is the reason Jesus was born, crucified and resurrected. If we have no sin, there’s no need for Jesus. Really. Hmmm?