Did You Know?

While the rest of the country was hell-bent on beating to death the issue of kneeling or standing for the national anthem, let me tell you what else has been happening. Yes, there are other things worth reading about.

– In Columbus, Ohio. a police officer who only took one sick day in his career, was honored for 56 years on the job. His name is Lt. Karl Barth. He served under eight mayors and met 11 presidents, starting with President John F. Kennedy.

Who does that today? If you spend five years at the same job in today’s market, people look at you sideways and wonder why. I sit in a newsroom next to my colleague Linda Comins. Between the two of us, we have more than 70 years in the business. Like Lt. Barth, it’s because we enjoy what we do.

– In Brooke County, Colliers Primary School was named a National Blue Ribbon School. If you ask the person standing next to you if he or she knows where Colliers is located, I’ll bet the answer would be “I don’t know.” It’s on Pennsylvania Avenue in Colliers and has students from kindergarten through fourth grades. Hats off to the students, teachers and staff.

– Some rookie Steeler players this week visited Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC where they held and comforted sick babies, played bean bag toss with older children and posed for dozens of photos with some very happy children and their parents. Some of those players are not much older than the kids in those hospital beds. A few who are parents themselves fought back tears seeing children battling tough physical challenges. There was no talk of kneeling, only holding on.

– In Texas, rookie Houston Texans football player Deshaun Watson donated his first paycheck to three lunchroom employees at the football stadium who were devastatingly impacted by Hurricane Harvey. He said the three lunchroom ladies took great care of the players and he wanted to give back to them in their time of need. Again, no talk about kneeling, but plenty of “God bless you” and “thank you” passed around.

– The Wheeling Fire Department, once again, is taking up the cause of fighting cancer. They are selling gray and pink T-shirts with fire department insignias with the message to “give cancer the boot.” Steadfast in their commitment, the male firefighters, along with the females, wear pink and are proud to do it if it helps the cause.

– When no one was paying attention, the trees started changing into their fall outfits despite the above-normal temperatures, just in time to create the perfect backdrop for next weekend’s Oglebayfest.

That’s just a sampling of some things that are worth mentioning this week to divert your attention from all the fuss about sports players, the national anthem, President Trump, North Korea and whatever else has been eating at you.

Heather Ziegler can be reached via email at hziegler@theintelligencer.net.