Talking Turkey and Flying High With the Ohio Falconers

So You Want To Be a Falconer?

The Martins Ferry Public Library will welcome Mick Brown, president of the Ohio Falconers Association and a Martins Ferry resident, at 4 p.m. Dec. 13. He will be bringing along his falcon and discussing how to become a falconer and talking more about these amazing birds.

Church Honors Veterans

For the past three years, Calvary United Methodist Church in Moundsville and the local Methodist Men’s Group have honored members of their congregation who have served in the military with a “God and Country Award.” On Veterans Day, the members are presented with a glass engraved award presented to them during the morning worship service.

This year’s honorees are John Hartley, who served in the Army in Germany, where he worked in a supply warehouse shipping out supplies to the bases, and Bernie Young, who also served in the Army and worked as a radio operator at Fort Jackson in South Carolina.

Talking Turkey

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the West Virginia University Extension Service offers some tips for serving a delicious — and safe — holiday meal:


∫ Before you pick up a frozen or fresh turkey, make sure you have enough room in the freezer or refrigerator for it. This is a great time to clear out both areas.

∫ Make sure the packaging on the turkey is tightly sealed.

∫ While shopping, pick up the turkey and other meat items last. Ask to have them bagged separately from other groceries, especially fresh produce.


∫ Make sure the refrigerator temperature is set slightly below 40∂F.

∫ Keep a frozen turkey in its original wrapper until time to begin thawing.

∫ For safe thawing in the refrigerator, allow about one day for every four to five pounds of turkey.


∫ Wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds before, during and after handling raw poultry

∫ Current recommendations are to NOT rinse the turkey before cooking. Rinsing encourages the spreading of juices and bacteria. Proper cooking kills bacteria.

∫ Use separate cutting boards to avoid cross-contamination — one for raw meat and the other for ready-to-eat foods.

∫ Use a food thermometer to cook to a proper internal temperature.